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Why Customer Testimonial Videos are Key to Growing a Business

close up of a camera screen filming a video testimonial

How many times have you contemplated making a big purchase decision in your life without looking at the company reviews? The answer is probably 0. In fact, 92% of customers read online reviews before making a decision. The answer is simple— buyers trust their peers first. From a $5 comb you find on Amazon to a brand new car, you read customer reviews on everything.

In today’s digital economy, reviews are one of the most valuable assets your business can have. Businesses utilizing testimonial videos are ahead of the curve. The statistics are staggering. 97% of B2B customers cited testimonials and per recommendations as the most reliable type of content. 70% of people trust reviews and recommendations from strangers. The list goes on.

5 Benefits of Testimonial Videos

Written reviews about a company or product can only go so far. There are so many more layers and elements to video that help convey the credibility and reliability of a product or service. That is why our testimonial video productions are one of our most popular products. The power of testimonial videos cannot be ignored in any marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the 5 main reasons testimonial videos are key to growing your business.

1. Building Trust with Strangers

When new customer finds out about your company, product, or service, they know nothing about who you are or your business. As consumers, we are undoubtedly skeptical of buying any product or service from a company with no brand awareness. Imagine hiring a house cleaner from a company that you have never heard of and has 0 online reviews. Would you trust that person to enter your house?

Now imagine that same house cleaning company has a professionally shot testimonial video on their website. In this video, you see 5-10 people talking about how they exceeded every expectation due to their quality of work, timeliness, and friendliness. Not only do you get to hear their praises of the company, but you can see the interviewees’ facial expressions and honest reactions as they speak about their experiences.

Plus, the video includes action shots of the employees cleaning, giving insight into the type of services performed. Would you be willing to trust that company now? Building trust with potential customers at the top of the funnel is critical to the success of your close rate.

man in front of a recording camera filming for a testimonial in the woods

2. Converting More Leads

Who doesn’t like converting more leads, getting better clients, and growing a business? You are probably reading this article because you are looking for new ways to attract more customers. It’s a proven fact that testimonial videos convert more than text reviews. According to the statistics, video has a 95% retention rate than normal text. Using testimonial videos, you can easily tell potential customers how your product/service works, the value proposition, and how you can deliver results.

3. Showcasing the Brand Quality

Testimonial videos are successful because they highlight your business’ value proposition while showcasing the company in a positive light. When you have a video production expert produce a testimonial video, it’s going to exemplify the quality of the company and highlight its professionalism. Here’s how:

  • We use Netflix-approved cinema cameras, professional lighting kits, audio, drones, and stabilizers when we film testimonial videos.

  • After a potential customer watches your professionally shot and polished video, they’ll know you take pride in your customer experience, customers will appreciate how you invested time and money into a well-produced video instead of a poorly produced iPhone video.

  • Plus, a high-quality testimonial video indicates the caliber of your brand and what they can expect while working with you.

canon professional camera in bokeh effect

4. Humanizing Your Brand

One issue every company faces in today’s digital economy is the lack of human-to-human connection. Testimonial videos, however, help bridge the gap and humanize your brand. shines. Testimonial videos show an authentic, unscripted version of your brand.

When someone reads a written testimonial, they miss out on the subtle changes and nuances people express through language. When you put a face to your brand, it shows potential clients how peers have benefitted from your business and that they, too, can benefit from your product or service. It can help make them understand that they can gain that same benefit.

Having your clients showcase your business will help new customers feel like they will also get that one-one personal experience with your business.

  1. Improving your Exposure

Last but certainly not least, testimonial videos boost your online presence and visibility. You are able to use these videos across multiple platforms, such as TV ads, social media, on your website, in email campaigns, and more.

The great thing about testimonial videos is the ability to format them for every communication channel. For example, email campaigns that used the word “video” in their subject line increased the open rate by 19%, the click-through rate by 65%, and reduced mailing list unsubscriptions by 26%.

camera lens with a videographer holding it in the blurry background

The Bottom Line

Video testimonials combine a variety of powerful tactics to promote your brand, improve trust, convert leads, and enhance your online exposure. At Blitz Studios, we utilize testimonial video production for our clients every week. Our video production company is located in Cleveland, but we serve clients all over the country.

We have seen firsthand the impact testimonial videos have had on our client’s marketing and sales tools. We are experts in producing high-quality testimonial videos, so if you have any questions about how to create compelling and effective videos, please don’t hesitate to message us. Trust only an experienced video production company in getting your business at the top of the game!


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