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 Office Headquarters: 4700 Rockside Rd,  Independence, Ohio 44131

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Meet The Team


Matthew Triola
Videographer & Editor

Matthew ia a full time videographer and editor for Blitz Studios. An Akron native, he enjoys hiking, watching movies, and spontaneous photoshoots in his spare time. What drew him into video production is the sense of escapism the medium provides but also its ability to convey imperative message.

Matthew Harris

Matthew Harris, Owner

Matthew founded Blitz Studios in 2017 with the idea of combining his love for storytelling and creativity with the idea of a self sustaining media company. He is dedicated and passionate about telling unique stories and bringing to light subject matters that mean the most to him. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Baldwin Wallace and has over 5 years experience shooting and editing videos. He enjoys exercising, playing tennis, skiing, photography, and socializing with friends in his free time.


Brandon Adams,
Videographer & Editor

Brandon is a full time videographer and editor for Blitz Studios. Brandon is experienced in media production and broadcasting with a demonstrated history of work with ESPN 3, producing independent films, and filming live events. He has a strong knowledge of camera equipment and editing softwares with a Bachelors degree from Ohio University. Brandon enjoys going to Cleveland sporting events and making short films with friends.

Joey Rini

Joey Rini, Videographer

Joey is a freelance videographer Blitz Studios. He assists with productions, running cameras and audio, and is one our lead wedding videographers. He graduated from Baldwin Wallace with a degree in Film. When he is not working for Blitz Studios, Joey works on films in the art department. He has film credits on movies such as Cherry, The Last Summer, Neighborhood Watch, and the Minuteman. Joey enjoys backpacking, kayaking, painting, and drawing in his spare time. 

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Our Company 

Learn about the Team, our Mission and the Vision

Company Vision

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a visual platform for people that want to communicate meaningful messages with their intended audiences.

A self-sustaining media company in the film and production industry that provides high quality compelling content that evokes emotions among all audiences. We strive to be an affordable platform that supports businesses, non-profits, and inspirational individuals who are making a difference in the world.

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