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Video Marketing Charts


Our framework provides a structured process to creating video marketing strategies that create better returns. 

While having great video content on your website is fun to look at, the bottom line is the return on investment it generates. While we work on many one-off projects, some clients require consistent media output and retainer based solutions. This is what our video marketing department provides.

Video Marketing Services

YouTube Channel Research

Video Production

YouTube Video Ads

We start by taking look at your YouTube channel and make sure you have the necessary information. A lot of business have not optimized their YouTube channel. We will make assessments on what areas need improvement including keywords, titles, thumbnails, and tags.

We provide all the necessary equipment, talent, and creativity to bring your brand to life. We utilize our core competency in video production services to improve the quality of your content and engage your audience.

Once we create the content, we utilize our video marketing skills to create visual ads that get placed on YouTube to reach your intended audience. 

Social Media Content

Along with YouTube, we strategize what social media platforms will be best suited for your content. We consult on creating ads for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other platforms.

Target Market Research

Without knowing your audience, your content is useless. We will perform market research to examine who the best intended audience will be for the content.

Video Marketing Strategy Framework:

A brief overview of the process Blitz Studios will work with you on creating a successful campaign.

Business Meeting  For Video Marketing

1. Company Analysis

We take a look at your business's strengths and weaknesses, exploring why customers shop with you, what markets you serve, buyer personas, and your current marketing plan.

2. External Environment Analysis

We take a detailed look at the industry in which your company operates. Any company that sells a product or service needs to know the competitors it faces in the market, what about its products makes it competitive and what the company can do to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Video Marketing Graphs
Business Meeting for Video Marketing

3. Media Strategy and Retainer Solutions

Once we completed our assessment, we will provide a retainer based solution based on our findings that we think will best fit your needs. We then implement this strategy and work with our clients on a monthly based to keep metrics and insights on how the videos perform, what can be improved, and the overall performance of the videos.

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