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Our framework provides a structured process to creating video marketing strategies that create better returns. 

While having great video content on your website is fun to look at, the bottom line is the return on investment it generates. 

Video Marketing Strategy Framework:

A brief overview of the process Blitz Studios will work with you on creating a successful campaign.

1. Company Analysis

We take a look at your business's strengths and weaknesses, exploring why customers shop with you, what markets you serve, buyer personas, and your current marketing plan.

2. External Environment Analysis

After the internal analysis, we examine the threats and opportunities of the marketplace. Who are your competitors and what marketing strategies they are utilizing. What opportunities exist and where can we reach new potential clients. 

Once we have completed our market research, we will develop a video content strategy that will align with your goals and objectives and beginning moving into the second phase of the process. 

3. Develop a Video Production Strategy