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The Different Purposes of Drone Videography

Drone videography and photography have altered the content creation space for the better. Drone technology is now more accessible than ever, elevating video production quality at the micro and macro level. Videographers are no longer constrained by expensive helicopter video shoots and can take matters into their own hands.

You may wonder, "Why should I utilize drone footage in my next video? Can it really make a difference?" Trust us — it does. We'll break down how aerial shots captivate your audience through unique angles and perspectives, regardless of the type of video you're shooting.

Real-Estate Content

Finding ways to make your home stand out in a saturated real estate market is a must. Incorporating drone footage in your video marketing is critical if you want to catch a potential new home buyer's eye. Real estate drone videography captures the entire picture of the property by highlighting a home's unique selling points and features.

People are more likely to put forth an offer if they can build a connection with the home and visualize themselves living there. Homes with aerial photos or video sell sixty-eight percent faster than homes with standard content alone; failing to include drone footage means your home could stay on the market longer and cause you to adjust your asking price. If you are looking to sell your home as quickly as possible, including drone shots in your real estate video is a no-brainer.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are one of the best ways to generate awareness for your business, event, product, or service. Promotional videos are extremely effective because they can convey your value proposition, brand quality, and benefits all within a 5-minute time span. Incorporating aerial footage makes for great storytelling and adds a layer of visual intrigue, especially when paired with compelling voice-over work.

Drone footage can improve your video's reach and engagement by making your content stand out. Most social media algorithms now prefer video content to photos, so the more eye-catching the video, the better. Not only are you educating the audience on your brand but you are also entertaining them with aerial videography. As more people turn to video marketing, incorporating drone footage in your promotional video will differentiate it from the competition.

Wedding Videos

Your wedding video should capture all the emotions from your special day. With the help of drones, videographers can take sweeping footage of the venue, decor, and more, allowing you to see your day from different perspectives. Plus, they can take a more creative approach when shooting your wedding day, as traditional videography does have its limits.

Aerial videography allows you to experience your wedding in an entirely new, eye-opening way. Plus, it adds a cinematic effect to your video without compromising the raw emotion from your day.

Why You Need A Professional

Although drone technology is available to everyone, not everyone can shoot drone footage for commercial usage. People do not often realize this, but there is quite a bit of regulation and laws regarding drones. Professional videographers are required to have a Part 107 License to fly drones legally. Drone pilots also have spent hours mastering their craft and have the knowledge, training, and experience to capture the best content. They know how to operate drones and navigate around buildings, cars, and more without jeopardizing the safety of others or their equipment.

Interested in Professional Drone Services? We Have You Covered.

At Blitz Studios, our team of certified commercial drone pilots delivers high-quality aerial photography and videography for our clients. We offer different videography services based on your needs, including real estate, promotional, and wedding videos.

Although our headquarters are located in Akron, Ohio, we work with clients throughout the country. Contact us today at to learn more!


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