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5 Simple Tips on How to Film Events Effectively

Filming an event can be one of the most stressful but rewarding types of shoots, even for seasoned videographers. Having the right equipment, knowledge, and experience makes for a smoother process, which is why hiring a professional is your best bet. Event video production requires you to be ready for anything, including finding the perfect lighting for the perfect shot.

photographer filming a wedding event

Event filming, however, is growing in popularity because it is a great marketing tool. After months of planning your event, you want to capture all the moments, big or small, to catch the attention of potential early on in their customer journey.

At Blitz Studios, we have extensive experience with live event video production across various industries. We'll break down everything you need to know about filming events, including our top five tips.

Tip #1: Understand the Assignment

The success of your video shoot is determined by what you do well before the day of the event. You and your client must first determine the overarching objectives of the shoot. The more direct they are and the more they define their goals, the easier it is for you to assess your game plan.

devices for film events

For example, asking questions like, "Am I shooting enough content for a 60-second recap, or is this a more intensive project? Will I be continuously recording the event and taking photos? Overall, what is your goal for this video?" Never be afraid to ask questions; it is critical to gain clarity because different types of videos require different gear.

Tip #2: Use Gimbals and Tripods

Gimbal stabilizers and tripods are lifesavers. If you are considering offering event video production services, having these tools on is essential for awe-inspiring videography.

gimbal on a table used as an accessory to film events

Gimbal stabilizers use motors and sensors to support and stabilize a camera. In layman's terms, that means you can shoot video on the move that is both clear and stable. When filming events there will be many times when you have very little prep time to get the shot. The gimbal allows you to reach quickly and capture smooth shots at a moment’s notice.

Gimbals range in price, size, and quality. If you are just starting out and have never used a gimbal before we recommend the Zhiyun Webil S or an entry-level DJI ronin. These gimbals won’t break the bank and will have all the technology and stabilization you need to start filming events. Just make sure your camera is compatible with each gimbal before purchasing and watch some tutorials on how to properly balance a gimbal before turning it on.

A tripod is a fantastic alternative if you are looking for a more cost-effective option. An extra camera on a tripod is a staple for any event video production. A tripod takes the guesswork out of things by preventing camera movement. We recommend Manfrotto tripods for event productions. They are light and compatible, easy to set up, and can give butter smooth pans.

tripod used to film a basketball event

Tip #3: Don't Forget About the Audio

Your video is only as good as your audio. You must have high-quality audio, especially for longer-form highlight videos. Putting music underneath anything past one minute tends to get boring and lose engagement, so you need a few pieces of equipment to capture great audio.

Different microphones serve different purposes. For example, directional microphones mainly pick up sound from the front while minimizing sound from other directions. Wireless microphones, however, capture excellent audio quality without a ton of equipment. If you are shooting content outside, you must cut down as much wind noise as possible, so windshields are your best friend. Depending on your needs, find the microphone that best works for you.

high quality audio devices for filming

For shotgun microphones, we always recommend Rode or Sennheiser shotgun microphones.

Tip #4: The Most Important Lenses

Even if you have the best creative eye and camera skills, your video quality will suffer if your camera's lens isn't suited for the fast-paced world of live event video production. Different focal lengths affect perception and shot quality, so bringing the right camera to the event is essential. Generally, the age-old debate for photographers and videographers is whether they should invest in a prime or a zoom lens.

Prime lenses typically have better image quality due to their construction, as they contain less complicated glass elements. They also are high-speed lenses and are equipped with large maximum apertures, making them perfect for low-light situations and events. Prime lenses, however, cannot zoom, meaning you only have one focal length to work with when shooting.

camera lenses used by professionals

Zoom lenses are much more adaptable than prime lenses, giving you the freedom to switch focal lengths and frame your shots precisely. Plus, you won't have to bring multiple lenses to the event because one zoom lens offers a wide range of focal lengths. Unfortunately, zoom lenses offer a slow maximum aperture. If your event is low-lit with few lighting options, a zoom lens could pose a problem when filming your event.

Ultimately, there are pros and cons for both the prime and zoom lens, so you have to find the best option for the event you're shooting.

Tip #5: Don't forget to network!

One of the best parts of filming an event is being able to attend and experience it. You have the opportunity to shoot fun content for your client while being able to enjoy it. Plus, it's a great networking opportunity, especially if you offer corporate event video production services. To represent your brand well while filming, dress professionally and engage with your client and their guests.

man smiling wearing a formal attire for a film event

Bringing It All Together

Filming an event can be a lot of fun, but you must be prepared for it to go smoothly. Not only do you need to have a plan in place, but you need the right equipment to capture high-quality video content and audio. While on-site shooting, don't forget to take in the event and network!

At Blitz Studios, we have the highest quality technology to capture stunning video content for your next event. Although we are based in Akron, Ohio, we offer video production services nationwide. Feel free to take a look at our creative work or contact us today to learn more!


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