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North East Ohio business owners see significant growth through Scalerator NEO

Blitz Studios has had the opportunity to capture an incredible experience at Baldwin Wallace Center for Innovation and Growth. Hired by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, Blitz Studios has been working on creating a promotional video and testimonials for the Scalerator NEO Program. You might be asking the question...what is the Scalerator NEO? Well let me tell you.

A team from the nation's top provider of entrepreneurship education have developed a curriculum for North East Ohio businesses to scale. The results have been incredible. 14 companies participated in the first ever Scalerator NEO program. The businesses are from a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, software development, and health care. During a six month period, they met on seven occasions and focused on certain areas of the business (sales, HR, Finance, etc.).

The impact of the Scalerator NEO Program have resulted in significant growth. One business that sells construction tools saw a 70% growth in their business after the program. A software company took an initial 50k project and turned that into a 1.5 million dollar project. An industrial packaging company saw a year to date growth of 18% compared to an industry average of 3 to 5%. Watch the testimonial montage here for more growth stories.

Both the Burton D. Morgan Foundation and the Richard J. Fasenmyer have been larger supporters of Scalerator NEO. These foundation focus on regional development by fostering entrepreneurship and business growth.

Please stay tuned for more updated on Blitz Studios and future videos in progress.

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