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Wedding Videography Services

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Why You Should Hire Wedding Filming Services

Capturing photos of your big day is an absolute must, but wedding videos have seen a rise in popularity over the past several years. There are many reasons couples choose to have videos of their wedding, whether in addition to photos, or instead of them. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring wedding filming services for your special day.

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Videos Offer Something Photos Can't

Having photos of a special event makes it easy to relive the memories and share them with others, but videos add a whole new element to the experience. You can see people move, how they react, and tons of other tiny moments in between. Plus, videos get edited to share a story that simply can't be told through photos alone.

  Photography and Videography are Different Skills

If it is within your budget, it's highly recommended to hire both a photographer and videographer. This is because it takes a different skill set to capture still photos versus moving videos. It may seem that the tasks are interchangeable since they both involve cameras, but there are actually many differences. Hiring an expert photographer doesn't guarantee a great wedding video.

  Capture Moments You Wouldn't Print

Capturing B-roll is a major component of both photo and video services. However, when it comes to choosing the photos you'll print and hang on the wall, you probably won't select most of these shots. With wedding filming services, you get the opportunity to relive your niece's reaction to seeing you in your wedding gown forever.

Interested in seeing some of our wedding highlight videos? 

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  Video Services for Weddings and Other Events

Whether you're getting married, throwing a birthday party, or celebrating a new business merger, Blitz Studios' wedding and event filming services are available to capture those moments forever. Please contact us today to learn more.

Couples rely on us for dependable, high quality video and thats why we are a top rated wedding videography company. 

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Google Reviews

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McKenna W.

McKenna W.

Matt was so great to work with. We had to change our wedding date and he was flexible and changed with us! He was from over 2 hours away and was able to drive out to film for us for a very reasonable charge. The product was unbelievable and he made us look GOOD. He's a magician.

Zach M.

Zach M.

Everything was just perfect on my special day and to have someone capture every moment made it that much more special. Matthew did an OUTSTANDING job with filming my day. He has constant follow up, before AND after the event which is so reassuring. If you are considering hiring a videographer, look no further!!

Summer G.

Summer G.

Where do I begin?? Blitz Studios has done a fantastic job on our wedding video and we cant stop watching it! It literally looks like a cinema! Matthew is very good to work with and was very prompt to getting back to with questions that I had. He also kept in contact with me on the progression on our wedding video and things leading up to our wedding day. I couldnt have picked a better company to film our special day and the quality of our video is breathtaking!! 100% recommend this company, you wont be sorry!

Want to learn more about our pricing? 

FAQ's about Testimonial Video Productions

FAQ about our wedding videography services

Where areas does your company service?

Blitz Studios wedding videography services cover all of north east Ohio, Pittsburgh, Erie, Columbus, Toledo, Detroit, and the surrounding areas. Our studio is located in Akron, however we have no problem traveling to various wedding locations.

How much does wedding videography cost?

A lot of factors depend on the price. How long do you need the videographer for? Do you want 1 or 2 videographers? What kind of final videos do you want? All these questions are factored into our pricing, which you can find here. 

How long is the turnaround time for our wedding videos

While this time can vary depending on when the wedding is, our typical turnaround time is 30 to 45 days. 

How long do I need a videographer for? 

Our wedding videographers typically arrive on location before the ceremony or during the getting ready portion of the day. This just depends on what the couple wants. We will stay through the reception until all the major celebrations are completed such as the cake cutting and first dance. However, we have stayed longer to cover specific requests such as sparklers, fireworks, etc. 

How do you record audio? 

We record throughout various microphone and soundboard applications. For the ceremony, we typically use shotgun microphone attached the camera. These provide great clarity of the bride, groom, and the officiant. Its crisp audio that leaves a little room for background noise. We also look to connect to soundboards, which allows us to capture audio straight from the microphones. This is common at reception venues. We also have clip on microphones if all else fails.  

Do you offer drone videography? 

Yes, we have invested thousands of dollars into our drone equipment. We have the latest equipment to fly 4K drones at your wedding. We are certified FAA pilots and will fly the drone as long as it is in with regulation. We can not fly if we are close to airports, within restricted areas, or with harsh weather conditions. 

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