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Our Video Strategy: Connecting your video productions with your the right audience

While video can be the most powerful marketing tool, it is important to have a clear strategy and objective with the goals and outcome of the content.

It easy to see that video is becoming the preferred consumption of content for consumers. In 2019, 80% of consumer internet traffic will be through video and the volume of moblie video consumption is increasing by 100% every year.

The problem is the amount of video content out there. YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world, so how do you get your video into the right hands? 

Utilizing Blitz Studios video strategy approach, we will optimize your content and build out a strategy for maximum exposure.

Learn about Blitz Studios approach to targeting the right audience and increasing your video exposure 

Video Content Strategy

Working with your marketing strategy, we develop content that is relevant and powerful for your target audience.