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Blitz Studios


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Cleveland's Premiere Video Production and Freelance Videography Services

Our Key Features

Testimonial Videos

A great tool for promoting your product/services unique features and benefits. The right video can generate product leads, introduce new products, and reinvigorate products that have long been stale.

Providing your leads and potentials customers  with authentic brand imaging is crucial during the consideration phase. About Us videos are great at building trust and transparency with customers.

Client Testimonial videos are one of the most powerful tools for building brand credibility, converting leads, and building trust. 

Short Films & Documentaries

A Blitz Studios favorite, short films are a great way to incorporate cinematic storytelling elements into your story or event. An innovative approach to traditional corporate videos, short films take a unique approach and can highlight programs and stories of excellence. 


Using our professional video equipment, we have all the resources to capture your full length or promotional style corporate private events, trade shows, and much more! 

Ready for a new approach to training new talent or informing customers how to use your products? Our Training videos combine the essential information needed with compelling visual content

Standard. Traditional. Photography. Our full service  Photography equipment can handle all of your needs from corporate events to graduation photos.

A marketing tool for those in the real estate industry, our videos give potential buyers a virtual tour of your property's features and benefits.

Need your special moment captured? No problem. Blitz Studios all the necessary gear to capture your wedding with a quick turnaround time. Whether you need a highlight, feature, or raw footage, we have you covered.

Our Company 

Learn about Blitz Studios' Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create a visual platform for people that want to communicate meaningful messages with their intended audiences.

Company Vision

A self-sustaining profitable media company in the film and production industry that provides high quality compelling content that evokes emotions among all audiences. An affordable platform that supports non-profits and inspirational individuals who are making a difference in the world.

Matthew Harris

Owner and Creative Director

Mission Statement

How we make the video magic happen

We begin our video production process with a pre-production meeting to determine key objectives, strategies, and messages.

 Developing Target Markets          Brand Guidelines

Content Planning         Campaign Planning    

Visual Strategy

A video is only as good as the people who watch it. We focused on delivering your amazing content to the right audience at the right time. 

YouTube Channel Management             Data Hosting Storage​

Video Advertising                    Video Distribution

Now the actual video production work. This includes taking a unique tailored approach to your specific audience to create content thats fitting, engaging, and entertaining.

 Camera crews          Post-Production

On-site shooting        Storytelling