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Our framework provides a structured process to creating video content strategies that create better returns. 

While having great video content on your website is fun to look at, the bottom line is the return on investment it generates. 

Video Content Strategy Framework:

A brief overview of the process Blitz Studios will work with you on creating a successful campaign.

1. Examining the Most Successful Video Content

We examine the current most successful content strategies within your industry. What are these companies blogging, creating video, and posting on social media about? What are the most successful content pieces in the industry and why?

2. Defining Your Content Creation

We take a look at how often you want to produce content. Once a quarter, month, week? We offer wide range of services from coming on location and doing all your shooting to simply editing and professionalizing your footage. 

3. Content Distribution

The last part of the strategy is working with you to find where the contest will best be utilized. Will you host it on YouTube, Facebook, Wisita, or Vimeo? We work with you to help define the best options for hosting and distributing your content.